Course Information

Course Notes

  • Honors freshmen wanting to take an AP Computer Science course in their first year at Westhill are encouraged to take AP CSP before taking AP Comp Sci A.

  • Incoming 9th graders with extensive, previous experience with programming may, however, take the optional placement exam to be placed directly into AP CSA.

  • Seniors are encouraged to take AP CSP or AP Computer Science A in place of Intro to Comp Sci.

  • Students must successfully complete AP Computer Science A to be eligible to take the Data Structures course.

  • No previous programming experience is necessary for the Intro, CSP, and Comp Sci A courses.

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Prerequisites required to take each course is listed in each box, below. Also listed are the languages taught in the course. Click on the link to go to the individual course description page.


Prerequisites: Algebra 1

Languages: App Inventor

Python A/b

Prerequisites: -

Languages: Python

Intro CS

Prerequisites: -

Languages: scratch, jeroo,, java


Prerequisites: See Note 1

Languages: Java

Data Structures

Prerequisites: AP CSA

Languages: Java


Prerequisites: See Note 2

Languages: Python

Web Design

Prerequisites: -

Languages: JavaScript

Game Design

Prerequisites: -

Languages: Game Maker


Prerequisites: -

Languages: C, Java

Notes on Prerequisites

  • Note 1: Before taking AP CSA, students must complete at least one other CS course listed here or take a placement exam. Sophomores are encouraged to take Cyber Security before AP CSA.

  • Note 2: There is no prerequisite for CP Cyber Security. Before taking Honors Cyber Security, students must complete either AP CSP or Python A and Python B and have taken (or concurrently be taking) Honors Algebra 2

A Comparison of csaw Courses

Which Courses for Which College Majors?

Most CSAW courses will benefit all college-bound students, irrespective of your future major. However, AP Computer Science A and our Cyber Security courses are more tailored to STEM majors. Our Data Structures course is the only CSAW course specifically built for Computer Science majors (and minors).

Course Length

All courses shown are full-year courses with the exception of Intro to CS and Game Design, which are half-year (one semester) courses. Our Python A/B courses are each one semester long. Taking Python A does not commit a student to take Python B.

Tests and Quizzes

Only Data Structures and AP CSA have regular exams throughout the year. All other courses listed only have two large exams, the Midterm and the Final Exam. Most CSAW courses have quizzes. The following courses do not have quizzes: Robotics, Game Design, Web Design, and CP Cyber Security.

Freshman Friendly

All our courses are open to freshman except Data Structures. It is rare for freshman to take AP CSA. Honors students entering Westhill are strongly encouraged to take AP CSP. This course does not require any previous computing experience.