Cyber Security

Course Description

This page contains more information about Westhill's Cyber Security Courses. To see Westhill's on-line materials for Cyber Security, click on the image to the left. In addition to teaching basic Cyber Security principles, there is also significant programming content using the Python programming language. No prior programming experience is assumed or expected.

Cyber Security Promotion

Comparing CP and Honors Cyber Security Courses

The difference in difficulty between the CP and Honors versions of the course is considerable. For the CP course, the only prerequisite is Algebra 1. For the Honors version, the student must have completed Honors Algebra 2 with a grade of B or better.

The video, below, talks about Cyber Security careers in today's world. Cyber Security represents the fastest growing part of the US job market.

Cyber Security Careers

Topics in Cyber Security

The CP version of the course focuses primarily on teaching students the basics of Cyber Security. The Honors version of the course adds material related to prime number theory. The main topics are discussed below.

  1. Ethics and Society

  2. Physical Security

  3. Cybersecurity Principles

  4. Classic Cryptography

  5. Cryptography for World War II

  6. Modulo Arithmetic and One - Way Functions

  7. Modern Cryptography

  8. Prime Number Theory

  9. RSA Algorithm

  10. Malicious Software

  11. Web Security