FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

What is the launch date of the Computer Science Academy at Westhill (CSAW)?

January 1, 2020 is the launch date for CSAW. Students may apply for admission to CSAW starting on this date.

Who can join CSAW?

Any currently enrolled Westhill student can apply to join CSAW as early as the end of their Freshman year. CSAW does not currently offer seats for out-of-district students.

What are the criteria for admission to CSAW?

CSAW has open admission.

What are the student benefits of joining CSAW?

Students who complete a Computer Science Pathway will be recognized as such on their Westhill transcript.

What is a Computer Science Pathway?

A computer science pathway is a sequence of 4 courses totaling at least 3.5 credits. More information on pathways can be found here.

Where can I get the forms to register for the Academy?

You can find all the forms for CSAW by clicking on the Forms tab on the left sidebar, under the Academy Info tab.

Do I need to take a Placement Exam? How do I register for the exam?

The Placement Exam is administered during the first week of school. It is used for placement purposes only. Students unsure of which course to take first should consider taking the exam. Students who wish to take AP CSA and bypass AP CSP may also be required to take this exam. More information about the exam can be found here. To register for this test, please send an email to CSAW@stamfordct.gov.