Placement Exam

Optional Placement Exam

The Computer Science Academy of Westhill is an open admission organization. Thus, all Westhill students are eligible for admission. During the first week of school, students have the option of taking a placement exam to help determine which computer science course to take first. Current Westhill students who choose to take AP CSA without previously taking a computer science course at Westhill may be asked to take this exam.

Westhill also offers approximately 1% of the incoming freshman an opportunity to skip AP CSP and be placed directly into AP CSA. Incoming freshmen who wish to be placed into AP CSA must also take this exam. In a typical year, 4-5 incoming freshman are offered this accelerated track. Only students with extensive, prior knowledge of computer science should consider this option.

This exam requires no previous experience with computer science. No previous knowledge of any computer language is assumed or required. The exam uses a pseudo-language to assess the ability of the test taker. Students are provided a description sheet for this pseudo-language prior to the start of the exam. Students can also access a copy of the description sheet for this pseudo-language by going to the Forms tab located on the left sidebar. The results of the test are used for placement purposes only, not as a determinant for admission to the academy.