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Computer Science Academy of Westhill

Westhill High School - Chandan Sarkar

125 Roxbury Rd Stamford, CT 06902


Teacher Information

Rajshri Suryawanshi

Ms. Suryawanshi lives in Stamford with her husband and two boys, both of whom graduated from Westhill High School. She teaches robotics and various other science classes.


Room: 616: Classroom

Rajinder Khazanchi

Dr. Rajinder Khazanchi is a veteran Physics and Robotics teacher at Westhill. He also teaches Honors Cyber Security and runs the Robotics program at Westhill.


Room: 112 (classroom)

Stephen temelini

Mr. Temelini teaches courses on Information Technology, Economics, Entrepreneurship, and Consumer Math in the Business Department. He teachers Cyber Security at Westhill.


Room: 104/223/422 (classroom/lab)

Vanessa Coy-kenyhercz

Ms. Coy-Kenyhercz has been teaching at Westhill for 4 years and is a former Senior Java Developer. At Westhill, she is currently teaching Web Design and Game Design courses. She has been married to her husband Joe for 7 years.


Room: 111 (lab)

jackie esker

Ms. Esker teaches Game Design at Westhill High School. She also teaches other business courses such as Business Concepts and Introduction to Stock Market and Investments.


Room: 104 (classroom/lab)

Karen Kurtz

Ms. Kurtz is originally from West Virginia and taught for 5 years in her home town of Montcalm. She now lives in Stamford.


Room: 117 (classroom/lab)

Michael Capriotti

Mr. Capriotti is the Department Head of the Math department at Westhill High School. He teaches various Math courses at Westhill along with Python.


Room: 422 (lab)

Chandan Sarkar

Mr. Sarkar has been teaching computer science at Westhill since 2011. He lives in Stamford with his wife and his dog, Luna.


Room: 413 (classroom) - 414 (lab)